Generatorx workshop


In February 2007, I participated in the generatorx workshop organised by Mariuz Watz. It was a 10 day workshop and exhibition about digital fabrication and generative systems in which the participants were able to play around with a laser cutter. At the workshop, I also worked with vvvv and would have loved to play around with Processing, but it would have taken too much time- instead I concentrated on experimenting with the laser cutter.I  generated a fractal which was actually based on my Lsystem patch, then exported the vertex data into a svg file (scalable vector graphic). Once my svg file was created, I just had to load it into the machinne via Corel Draw and wait for two 20 minute periods before it was cut. Then all the pieces were exibited at the DAM (Digital Art Museum) in Berlin.
Here is the flickr collection of photos from the workshop.
Big thanks to Mariuz

Photos from Lenny, Marius Watz and Regine Débatty .

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  1. Love It! I am on a laser cutting workshops as well and still haven´t decided what to do. It looks very complicated!


  2. Boulet says:

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  3. XD.Nitro says:

    fair shout++++++ That some clever stuff. Well done

  4. a|x says:

    This looks like great fun!
    Must try and somehow get to use one of those laser cutters…


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