Supaformula v2.0


I´m actually working on a new version of the superformula shader with more feature , for exemple i use a first superformula in 2d and after i apply a 3d deformation on the 2d one, this feature allow me to create a huge range of mesh , perfect flowers … and in the idee to make large print , i work on high resoltution screenshoot of that stuff and of my old stuff too , of the most interresting peace with a resolution bigger than 10000 * 10000 pixel.

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  1. sanch says:

    thanks guy i will upload the superformula v2 as soon as possible.

  2. mohei says:

    always enjoy your work! any chance you will post the v2.0 shader as you mentioned? =)

  3. cutchie says:

    I dont think that it is really good. i like some of the other ones better. Ya digg, jk, lol

  4. didi says:

    simply fantastic! i´ve been experimenting a lot with the superformula and spherical harmonics in jitter, but i´ve never achieved these results. especially these destructions. do they happen in the shader? currently i try to write a shader in glsl to speed up calculations, which is a tough job for a shader newbie.
    vvvv is on my second machine. joreg told me about a major update. so christmas time will be vvvv time!
    in praise of the superformula,

  5. sanch says:

    Hey West , i don’t use anymore msn , if you like to chat use skype and make a search for sanchtv

  6. West says:

    Ahh.. locked in the lab I see, looks great, can’t wait to see it in motion.

  7. sanch says:

    Thanks Paul , see next post for some new one :)

  8. dataisnature says:

    lovely looking foward to the final results, keep up the xcellent work!

  9. sanch says:

    Thanks rand , i will post some more picture and the shader,soon…

  10. rand says:

    wow looks utterly awesome

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