Experimentations with some nice math surface and vertex shader again.

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  1. Davi Lima says:

    +1 for releasing the code =)

  2. Nek says:

    Please, release the sources. I wanna play with this visuals in realtime =)

  3. v3ga says:

    Oui exact on s’etait vu a  Nantes pour le festival. Je suis indirectement retombe sur ton blog via generator.x !

  4. sanch says:

    Merci , j´adore tes dernieres experimentations ca me donne envie d´experimenter avec dans vvvv …
    On c´etait rencontre pour le festival ping ? non ?

  5. v3ga says:

    Salut ! Les images produites sont absolumment magnifiques, hmmm je me demande si je ne vais me mettre a  vvvv ;-)

  6. artbitz says:

    These are awesome! Now I wish I understood more about math.

  7. sanch says:

    thanks guys !!

  8. MrBenefit says:

    he sanch, you show us again that you are the vvvv weltmeister! really wicked stuff, plus your new side is a big improvement to the old one.

    greetings from basel

  9. vedran says:

    hi sanch!
    to much nice stuff here!

  10. sanch says:

    Hey hey the first comment on my blog congratulation elektromeier

    It´s single mesh with a definition of 2 per 500.

  11. elektromeier says:

    nice organic colors! like them alot especially in the first picture. these fine linestructures, are they made of single meshes? or is it a texture with alpha?

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