Sphere harmonics


The sphere harmonics is a math surface with 8 parameters, you can see a good paper and some examples of meshes on the paul bourke website. It´s similar to the super formula but with less possibilities. I have just tried to destruct it like with the superformula.

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  1. thyo says:

    i’m sorry, but since i’m a newbie in patching, could someone please explain how you could implement the math formulas into a patch? would be very kind, thx.

  2. hahaha….super suprised :) )

    you live brightful planet*
    woww wow….wowww……

  3. rand526 says:

    whoops – second post repeated by accident – do loe the work though……

  4. rand526 says:

    amazing images! cant wait to see the patch

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